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Can Christian Coching help you get your life back on track?

Having someone to talk to through the ups and downs of life is important. While friends and family have good intentions of helping, some situations should be left to trained professionals who can use their knowledge and experience. In the Tulsa and Broken Arrow area, consider finding a Christian counselor focused on helping people find the tools and inspiration to overcome life’s challenges and gain a new appreciation for living. Counseling can help you embrace life’s ups and downs through a mix of formal training and exploring how God’s grace can help you in tough times.

If you’ve been considering reaching out, you may have the following questions:

Why turn to a counselor who doesn’t even know me?
It can be tough to reach out for help, especially to a stranger, but there are times in life that should not be managed alone, and even those who love you may not be equipped to provide the proper input. When you look for a counselor with the training, experience and desire to help others, you can gain the support you need to move forward. Some reasons people turn to a professional include:

Depression – Whether you have battled feelings of depression regularly, or this is a new situation in your life, it is essential to get help. Symptoms might include major changes in sleeping or eating habits, fatigue, or a lack of enjoyment in life. If these symptoms are a sign of a different problem, you can work with your counselor to explore what is going on.

Relationship issues – Bringing in an impartial third party can help you honestly see your situation and allow you to focus on improving communication and respectfully managing disagreements. They can provide guidance on marriages or family situations.

Faith-based struggles – If you feel isolated, confused or consumed by doubts or questions regarding God or believing, turning to a Christian counselor can provide a comfortable place to have meaningful discussion. A counselor’s mission is not to impose their beliefs in any way, but simply to share a faith-based approach and provide the opportunity for dialogue.

Is Christian counseling only for those who attend Church?
The answer to that frequently asked question is NO. As Christian counselors dedicated to helping others, we serve those who come to us for guidance in their life. That includes the entire community – Christians and non-Christians, those who believe fully and those who struggle in their faith. Our approach incorporates Bible-based counseling practices, but that is not in an effort to convert anyone or force beliefs upon them. We have been called to help others through coaching that creates the foundation for a healthy life and that is the basis for what we do.

Regardless of where you are in your faith, you are not immune to the challenges life can present. If have been struggling for a while, or have just started to realize the benefits of counseling, seeking out help can allow you to work at getting your life back on the path your want. Christian Counseling takes their calling to serve others seriously and is ready to help you.

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