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At times many people have problems which may make them regret why they are living. Some of them have ended up losing hope in life. But we have a new hope for you at Christian Counseling in  Broken Arrow and Tulsa area. We, the counseling experts are well trained to assist you with your life challenges. We are highly qualified and have been in the  Christian counseling field for many years hence we have the experience to make you fill human again. Through the power, provision and the grace of God, we hope our website will give greater hope that significant healing and life changes are possible. 

Why you need to choose Christian Counseling?

There are a variety of reasons why one chooses counseling and these reasons differ from one person to another. When it comes to counseling, even Christians are not excluded due to numerous challenges they undergo in their lives. You may be desperate or depressed due to life circumstance, experiencing traumatic events, chronic addictions or severe illness which may disrupt your daily function. Some of the symptoms of depression may include not having enough sleep or having too much sleep, you may eat too much or you may eat too little hence if you notice any of them, you free to seek our services. At times you may feel utterly isolated and engulfed by doubts about yourself, God and whether your faith lies in God or elsewhere.

You may also have difficulties in marriage where you experience poor communication and more arguments. Maybe you are unsure of how to manage your desire so that you can live a life full of actions, purpose and meaning. Even if the challenges you are going through is quite enormous, we experienced Christian Counselors to have a great desire of helping you as a fellow traveler and believer in Christ and as a therapists, counselors and life coaches our counseling can be important in helping you overcome whatever struggles you have and also to walk beside you toward full healing and abundant life.

Our mission is to serve both Christians and the entire community through bible-based professional counseling hence you do not have to call yourself a Christian or have faith in Christ to begin the journey of therapy with us. Calling to meet you wherever you are is one of our privileges. Regardless of where you faith lies at this moment in time, we are equipped and always prepared to provide you with counseling and life coaching that gives you the means to move toward a healthy and productive life.


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