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Important marriage questions to ask yourself:

Important Christan marriage questions to ask yourself: 

Insightful people don’t always have all the right answers, but rather the right questions. When someone asks me a question that gives me something to think about, I believe God is using him or her as a vessel to change me. They have both Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit inside them. First as Jesus Christ, they bring light to darkness.Human hands in heart shape on bright background

The bible tackles human beings worst life experiences. Questions help me understand my circumstances as addressed in the Bible. Secondly, the right questions can help me discover new levels of repentance just as the Holy Spirit does, and just like the spirit, helps us see where we sin and brings us closer to Christ

Listed below are eye opening open-ended questions that you can’t answer without revealing your thoughts, what you want and what you are doing.

1. What attracted you to the person you are married to?

2. What goals did you have in mind for your ideal marriage when you were engaged?

3. What makes you sad in your marriage?

4. What makes you happy in your marriage?

5. If you were asked to change some things in your marriage, what would those things be?

6. Do you honor God in your marriage, if so how?

7. How would you describe your communication in your marriage?

8. Explain how you reach to decisions with your spouse?

9. How do you deal with conflicts in your marriage?

10. Describe your spiritual life as a couple?

11. Do you have any couple/s you look up to, your mentors, and what do you like and admire about their marriage/s?

12. What is the reason for your struggles as a couple?

13. What are the strengths in your marriage?

14. What weaknesses do you have as a couple?

15. What do you think you should do to improve your marriage and achieve the goals you have for your marriage?

16. What is the marriage of your dreams?

17. Is there something you think your spouse can do to improve your marriage?

18. What problems in the marriage do you consider your fault/ responsibility?

19. Do you think God is working in your marriage right now, if so how?

20. What do you think is the main barrier to solving problems as a couple?

21. How has your marriage changed throughout the years?

22. What do you do when your spouse hurts you or makes you angry?

23. How do you let your partner know you are disappointed or dissatisfied?

24. What one area in your marriage do you think you have issues? Explain what is the issue and what each one of you is doing or has done to solve the issue

25. Have you shown your spouse you love and appreciate them? In what ways?

26. Are there any hot buttons in your marriage, what are the major ones?

I hope that the above questions will help you talk about important issues in your marriage. Or maybe gives you the insights to enable you help a friend in need. Perhaps one question a day when the time is right. For advice, tips, tactics on how to improve your marriage, Christian Counseling, Broken Arrow, Tulsa can help you, call us today.