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Find Out How Christian Marriage Counseling Can Help

Find Out How Christian Marriage Counseling Can Help- Broken Arrow & Tulsa


Happy couple reconciling at therapy session in therapists office

Maybe, those violent arguments between you and your partner have become more frequent and the two of you feel estranged. Perhaps, your relationship has to deal with never-ending difficult issues, constant outburst and irritations that make the tension and anger worse between the two of you.

Do you feel you’ve tried hard enough to resolve the issues in your relationship but there’s little success? Do you prefer to avoid each other instead because, when you talk, hostile actions and words are thrown? Are you losing faith on your marriage? If this is what’s happening in your relationship and you want to seek help, professional Christian marriage counseling can help.

Sleeping or sexual problems, extreme mood swings, feeling dissatisfied and lonely and failure are warning signs that there is something wrong . Marriage counseling can discover the underlying factors affecting the relationship. External factors also play a big role in adding more stress to your marriage. Some of the factors are:

  • Birth or Adoption – A new baby joining your home means a lot of changes and adjustments whether in financial, emotional and physical presence.
  • Step-parenting – Being a parent is a big challenge and it is more challenging to be a parent to your partner’s kid.
  • Infertility – It is natural for most couples to long for their own biological baby and infertility issue can result to frustration and irritation of partners.
  • Disability or Chronic Illness – The vow of staying together “for better or worse” can be tested at this point. A partner’s illness or disability can challenge all aspects of relationship— sexual, financial and emotional.
  • Substance Abuse – Drugs or alcohol destroys not only the person, but also the people who love him or her. Addiction can cause a person to choose poor decisions that can definitely hurt his loved ones.
  • Infidelity – The feeling of betrayal can slowly destroy a relationship. Re-building trust is never an easy task.
  • Career pressures – Stress from work and colleagues is usually brought at home resulting to foul mood and annoyance. If not handled well, partners tend to misunderstand and, eventually, hate each other.

Here in Broken Arrow City, professional counseling is available. It is located in the Tulsa County. This Christian marriage counseling can provide assistance to couples who want to survive and overcome the stages of stress and transition. Below is a good overview about Christian marriage counseling. Searching and Choosing Your Therapist The best places to search and people to ask are the local mental health association in your area, family physician, friends or clergy.

Choose a therapist who is educated and trained to deal with your issues and needs. For instance, if a gay couple is seeking counseling, then a marriage counselor with experience in resolving gay or lesbian issues is perfect to become their therapist. It is also a must to pick a therapist who has a license given by the state or has accreditation from a Christian professional and recognized organization. 

What Awaits Couple Undergoing the Therapy Ideally, couples should meet their therapist at least once a week for one hour every session. Most therapies have 12 to 20 sessions. For the first session, the counselor/therapist will assess the process of the counseling and its cost and confidentiality. He or she will grow into you and your partner’s well-beings. At the same time, he or she will attempt to identify the issues that made you decide to get a therapy.

Expect many questions coming from the therapist because he or she should have a clearer view of your lives and relationship. It is important that you and your partner to be honest and become comfortable confiding with your therapist. Marriage counseling is very different from individual counseling and family therapy.

In individual counseling, the main objective is to help a certain person. Though that person concern can discuss his or her relationships during sessions, these are not the primary concern of the therapy. On the other hand, family therapy focuses on assisting the family to understand their issues and to look for solutions like having better communication.

The Process of Marriage Counseling For the first counseling sessions, the therapist will try to assess the current state of your relationship. She/He will evaluate the following:

  • What keeps you intact?
  • What are the strains in your relationship?
  • What causes the conflicts?
  • What are the communication and behavioral patterns?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of each partner?
  • The power structure

What is wrong or missing in the relationship By working with the counselor, the two of you will set achievable goals which could be as simple as improving communications when negotiating problems or deciding how to share parental obligations and household chores. Your therapist will apply various techniques in order to meet your goals or until you decide to stop the counseling.

What to Expect from the Couple As much as possible, the couple should agree with seeking professional help together. The counseling will be unsuccessful if one of them is not willing to cooperate. It also matters that both parties want to make changes and be honest. Though the therapist can give directions and advice, it is still up to you on how to follow such guidance.