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Beyond Pharmaceuticals: Christian Counseling for Depression

Beyond Pharmaceuticals- Consider Christian Counseling in Tulsa or Broken Arrow for Depression

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It can seem no one is immune from feelings of depression. When those feelings do not go away, those suffering can easily become disengaged from others, lose interest in what they once cared about and feel alone. Even though life is full of ups and downs, when remaining positive seems impossible, it can be time to reach out for professional guidance to learn to enjoy life again. There are many methods available to treat depression including Christian counseling.

Getting the necessary help is a process that people may put off due to the social stigmas of depression. Those suffering alone, should not feel that way when you consider that the CDC estimates that one in 10 adults in America has reported depression. That number only reflects those aware of the mental health issue.

If depression is a concern for you or a loved one, explore the options for treatment including therapy which may or may not utilize medication. Because there is not just one simple solution, it it essential to work with a professional who can provide a comprehensive approach. Some of the aspects to consider include:

Considering Antidepressants as part of treatment

Like any pharmaceutical used as a part of a medical treatment, the pros and cons of antidepressants are often debated. In the mental health community, the conversation includes the topic of their effectiveness, and the effects on younger patients whose total time on the medications can span much longer than adults. 

Pairing a patient’s symptoms with the right prescription, and getting the accurate dosing make this part of treatment especially important to focus on. For anyone suffering from depression, or involved in the care of a love one, asking your doctor about their experience prescribing the specific medication you are taking for their knowledge level. Some reports estimate that only 20 percent of psychiatrists prescribe antidepressants, making it wonder how valid these are in treatment plans.

Evaluating Christian Counseling options for treating depression

For anyone not comfortable with the idea of taking an antidepressant, or for those who are not getting the results they want from medicine alone, counseling can provide alternative treatment solutions. Instead of just addressing the symptoms, working with a professional can help you learn to cope with depression and overcome those feelings you’ve battled for too long. Some benefits of treatment may include:

Exploring the root causes of depression– A physician writing a prescription is providing medicine that help from the aspect of the managing or altering the body’s chemistry. Psychiatrists are more likely to work towards discussions that open up the history that causes or triggers bouts of depression. Understanding the individual is an essential part of creating the most effective treatment plan. 

Counseling can take a different approach to address underlying factors and also identify any other mental health issues the patient may have. By addressing the situation at a deeper level, it can identify situations such as previous trauma or the loss of a loved one that can be an aspect of the depression.

Building a support team– Overcoming the feelings of loneliness is an important aspect for anyone with depression. A support system beyond basic medical intervention and medication can be necessary, especially when the symptoms seem to be especially prevalent. Working with a team of Christian counselors can provide the human aspect that pharmaceuticals cannot, creating a safe place to discuss feelings, free of judgement. This can include suggestions couples counseling or plans to help a spouse support their partner through the process. 

Raising awareness for better understanding– Whether you are the one suffering, or you have a friend or family member who is affected, the impact of depression extends beyond the patient themselves to those around them. Opening the lines of communication can be difficult for everyone involved. Loved ones may not know what to say, or how to reach out, and those suffering may feel shame or embarrassment. Counseling can provide guidance on how the people in each role can play a positive part in recovery. 

In the Broken Arrow and Tulsa area, there are Christian counselors who can help you create a treatment plan that addresses your specific symptoms, any underlying causes and provides thoughtful discussion on the use of antidepressants.