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Christian Counseling for Children in Broken Arrow and Tulsa

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Children Counseling in Broken Arrow & Tulsa

For some parents and guardians, their love, patience and guidance alone may not be enough to help a child overcome challenges in their life related to mental health. In those cases it can be necessary to find a professional to assist the family through these difficult times. It is estimated that more than 1 in 20 American children exhibit behavioral problems, beyond normal moments of anger, defiance or adjustment problems. This can be devastating for parents who want nothing more than to help their child and keep their family intact and healthy. 

How can a professional assist?
As Christian counselors, we offer therapy and children counseling in Broken Arrow and Tulsa, using techniques designed for children. We are focused on providing parents and children practical tools that create simple, yet effective solutions to address emotional or behavioral issues the child is facing. This can benefit families by helping parents and other caregivers learn strategies to establish clear and consistent patterns of discipline and effective communication practices children can understand.

What kind of situations can this help?
To provide an appropriate intervention for your child’s mental health needs, it is essential to get an accurate assessment and evaluation. Because your child’s situation could be based on a condition they have- for example ADHD, or is situational as a result of a life event, it is important to focus on this step to understand the scope of the team necessary to help your child get their help they need. This can include targeted treatment for ADHD, anger management, grief, depression. divorce recovery and anxiety, through referrals for medication management or to our committed psychiatrists and pediatricians that specialize in treatment for children. 

How does the process work?
Getting started, the therapist will incorporate the use of specific opportunities for emotional growth in a variety of areas. In this therapy, children may learn to:

-Understand their feelings so they can express them better
-Achieve developmental milestones that were missing or underutilized
-Learn how to use problem-solving skills
-Develop coping skills to manage emotions in a variety of situations
-Improve social skills while experiencing growth in a trusting and safe environment.

The child’s parents or caregivers also play an important role in the growth and healing process, to follow through on what the therapist identifies and suggestions. Even the most well-intentioned, loving parents can benefit from guidance in some of these tough situations, so that is why the play therapist suggests skills for parents to improve their parenting techniques to adjust to the particular case. This can reduce stress in the family while helping parents understand their child better and build a loving and supportive relationship.

Who is the process recommended for?
Christian counseling can create a level of comfort for children, especially those you have been through a difficult experience or who cannot express themselves properly. Consider therapy for children who:

Have experienced a traumatic event (death of a loved one, divorce, abuse, accidents, etc.)
-Struggle with self-control or anger
-Show signs of depression or anxiety
-Exhibit low self-esteem
-Have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD
-Find it difficult to express themselves
-Suffer from nightmares

For parents in the Broken Arrow or Tulsa area, if you believe that your child can benefit from therapy, our Christian counselor can visit with your family to see if our assistance can provide the answers you need and bring your family together again.

Broken Arrow & Tulsa Christian Counseling for Childer