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Grief Counseling in Broken Arrow & Tulsa, OK

How Christian Grief Counseling Can Help You: Broken Arrow & Tulsa

There isn’t one human being on this planet Earth who hasn’t faced the loss of a loved one. It is all part and parcel of life. Loss can be of anything, a death, a change of job, a different expectation, a broken relationship or separation. It does not matter why the loss happened or what the loss is. overcome grief counseling broken arrow tulsa oklahoma

There is bound to some kind of grief due to the loss. This grief can be agonizing, perplexing, all-encompassing or even paralyzing. The journey can be pretty hard. But you don’t have to be alone in your journey. You can get help with us at Christian Counseling Guru here in Broken Arrow & Tulsa area.
We the counselors are not merely a guide but also a companion to get you through the storm of grief. We personally experienced some sort of grief, We can very well understand how difficult it might be to overcome grief. But it is not impossible. Overcoming grief, healing and building a new future for you is indeed possible – things we can personally testify to.

Grieving is not the same for everyone. Each person has a different way of grieving. But generally it is a hurting process that needs much patience. Understanding this, We can help you in your journey to grow and heal completely to become whole once more.

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, a psychologist came up with a common model for different grief phases especially for those confronting death, terminal illness or dying. These stages can be used in various instances of losses. They are not fixed but flexible enough in sequence and content. So adjusting them to suit individual cases is indeed possible.

Similar to recovery and struggle, grief too is different from one individual to another. Here are the stages which were summarized by Kubler-Ross:

Denial or Refusal: I don’t think it is real. It can’t be. 

Anger or Fury: Why am I subjected to this type of pain? I didn’t earn it.

Bargaining or Negotiating: If I were to become a better person or solve this and that, then there will be no more pain.

Depression or Despair: No, I cannot do anything to mend this. The pain is going to stay forever.

Acceptance: Yes, I know everything is going to be fine.

It does not matter how terrible your grief might seem, how deep the loss might be or even how long it takes to overcome grief, remember this – there is hope for healing completely and becoming whole once again.

Overcome Pain with Grief Counseling in Tulsa and Broken Arrow Areas