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Individual Christian Counseling in Broken Arrow and Tulsa provides guidanceĀ Man telling therapist his problems sitting on the couch

If your life is not on the track you expect or desire, or you are going through a difficult time, consider that it might be a beneficial move to reach out to a Christian counseling professional for guidance, advice and support. Seeking assistance for any personal problem including depression, low self-esteem or anxiety may incorrectly be perceived as a sign of weakness deterring people from getting the essential help they need to work through issues. In reality, it is quite the opposite, as reaching out to get help demonstrates self-awareness and the strength and courage to conquer the issues in your life.

Counselors can help with a variety of emotional situations as well as relationship issues you want guidance on, or even help with making decisions about your career, your education and your future. If you are seeking a Christian Counselor in the Tulsa or Broken Arrow area, these are some topics that they should be able to address with you, or refer you for additional expertise:

Acknowledging and managing behavioral concerns:
-Identify any harmful behaviors that you are in denial of, or unaware of, to start working on
-Address any known bad behaviors that you have been unable to change on your own
-Create a plan to work through issues including grief, anger, depression or anxiety

Introducing problem solving methods:
-Learn the skills to assess a situation, then plan a solution, execute the details and follow through to a desired solution.
-Improve decision making skills, even in situations that are full of uncertainty
-Manage situations that are largely unknown and uncomfortable to deal with

Refocusing and improving your thought process:
-Overcome negative thinking and pessimistic attitudes that prohibit success and replace them with positive thinking practices for an improved outlook on life
-Shift the focus on the future and the stress that accompanies the unknown to a focus on the present where changes are possible now
-Gain clarity about any decisions you need to make that are causing your stress or uneasiness

A Christian counselor will start by addressing any urgent issues that are present in your life, and continue your interactions with a mix of their formal educational training and a Biblical perspective, providing a multifaceted approach to your successful outcome. Your sessions will be personalized towards the issues you bring to the table, and any concerns that come up during the course of the treatment.

Being pro-active in reaching out to a trained professional for the help you need means that you are on track to living life to the fullest – allowing yourself the ability to gain the personal and professional success that you desire, but have been holding back from. This includes solutions for current issues, and tools for solving problems that arise in the future.

As a Christian Counselor, serving those in the Broken Arrow and Tulsa communities, my goal is to allow you to tap into your strengths to best utilize the methods we cover. If you would like more information about our counseling approach, please contact us or schedule an appointment.

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