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Christian Life Coach: Broken Arrow & Tulsa

According to Ephesians 2:10, we are God’s children, created to do good work which our Lord has prepared for us. Ever wondered on those words? We are the God’s workmanship having skills on the work given to us by God. This means that we as followers of Jesus Christ have been given the opportunity to serve God. We have also been given ideas on areas God wants us to focus our service, energy and time. Just caring for those who happens to be helpless, building up others in faith, grace and truth, giving generously to those who needs our service and standing up for injustice and to those who are weak in the society.

Life Coach

Most of the time we as Christ followers we get lost on how to serve God, spouse, family, and work. Most of us are not able to figure out the broader picture and realize what they need to do during their short lives in this world. Such individuals really don’t have a mistake. All what they need is another pair of eyes such as a Christian Life Coach in Broken Arrow & Tulsa area. Who have a fresh perspective and master level counselors to advice the Christians on the best path to follow and some of the vital areas to invest their resources, time and energy.


As a trained master level counselors and a therapists at the same time certified life coaches here in Broken Arrow & Tulsa area. We can help you with counseling & coaching that will facilitate the development of an insight perspective so as to live a life in light of your purpose. With our many years of experience, We shall help you to discover some of the areas which you are stuck at vocationally, emotionally, spiritually and relationally. This way, We shall help you to design effective strategies that will facilitate you to move from stagnation to a fulfilling, effective and meaning service and personal growth.

Our Christian Life session entails;

  • Spend some time together trying to envision certain kind of service and character which you need to define your life with
  • Identify your unique strength and gifts
  • Discuss how to maintain a good relationship with both God and mankind that will mutually enrich your life as you embark on a journey towards a greater intimacy and trust
  • Articulate some of your values
  • Identify your areas of weakness
  • Identify opportunities to invest your time, knowledge, resources and energy
  • Align your time to consider what Gods values as important


Christian Counseling Guru is a Christian counseling center with multiple counselors. By visiting our office in Broken Arrow & Tulsa, you will be able to align your life with what is being considered good by God. This way, you will find deeper joy, freedom and fulfillment as you grow spiritually.


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