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Broken Arrow and Tulsa Couples should explore Christian Marriage Counseling

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Tulsa & Broken Arrow: Marriage Counseling by Christian Counselors

Falling in love can be considered the easy part, but once the vows are exchanged and couples struggle with the stress of everyday life, marriages can be come strained. Even if a partner is not mad at the other spouse, misguided frustrations and lack of communication can lead to disagreements and tension in the home. If you wish your marriage was healthier than its current state, you might want to consider how Christian marriage counseling in Tulsa and Broken Arrow areas can help you heal and reconnect as a couple. 

Rekindling the romance and rediscovering the love you used to have, can be achieved through open, honest communication in place of fighting. If you and your spouse are struggling to deal with bumps in the road, it is easy to become angry, confused, hurt, sad, disengaged or resentful. Those emotions can all damage your relationship in a different way. 

Christian marriage counseling can be considered for couples at nearly any stage of their relationship. For couples considering marriage, premarital counseling can be an important step in building the foundation of their union. This can be a time to talk through many issues that spouses face later on during their marriage. 

Regardless if you are preparing to get married, are in the early years of a troubled marriage or have decades together as husband and wife, there are many ways counseling can help. Every couple is in a unique situation with their history, but some common reasons people seek professional assistance include: 

-Improving communication skills for better problem resolution and reconnecting 
-Overcoming negative emotions to proceed in a more positive manner 
-Managing in-law relationships including techniques to navigate tough situations 
-Addressing the many aspects caused by infidelity 
-Utilizing Premarital counseling on a wide range of concerns 
-Creating unified strategies for raising children 
-Identifying a plan for handling family finances 
-Managing the concerns of trust or lack of trust in a relationship 
-Increasing intimacy and addressing sexual problems 
-Changing identified unhealthy behavior patterns that hurt the relationship 
-Providing the proper counseling after divorce or separation 
-Addressing any issues related to blended households 
-Helping both partners identify their needs so they can be met 

Chances are many aspects of your life have changed since the courting phase of your relationship where you fell in love, and this is reflected in your connection with your spouse. Stability can be threatened, even by some of life’s best parts including having children, advancing in your career or returning to school to further your education. 

Instead of letting the areas that be stressful in your life harm your relationship, consider turning the tables to use these as a way to grow closer as a couple at an even deeper level than you may have thought possible. Before you think about any temporary or permanent separation scenarios, take the time to see if counseling can help you and your spouse come together and enjoy your marriage. 

For more information on Christian marriage counseling in Broken Arrow or Tulsa, contact us or schedule an appointment now at your convenience.

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