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Though they don’t like admitting it, men go through life’s issues just like everyone else. To many admitting you have a problem as a man is seen a sign of weakness. Men facing new life demands and expectations in the modern world experience increased stress levels. Stress and the society’s’ expectations often result to anger, addictions, stress, relationship problems, and even depression.businessman in anger screaming puff going out from ears

Men are less likely to seek counseling than women and delay as much as they can getting help until its necessary or there is a crisis. Asking for help is viewed by men as shameful- that’s why many men would rather drive in the wrong direction than ask for help. However as a man, you need you need to cope with life’s fair share of challenges. From work, family, and expectations in the society, you will get stressed or even depressed at one point in your life and seeking counseling can help you deal and cope with the many challenges you are going through as a man.

Maybe you made a mistake that led to a marriage break up, or something unexpected happened in your life, these things can and do happen to people- both good and bad people. Getting married is considered among the happiest events in a person’s life, you can barely keep your hands and minds off each other. You have great hopes for the two of you, however, things don’t always go as expected, and you may end up drifting away from each other. With the kids, work and other responsibilities, your marriage may end up in rocks.

Your career and financial goals can also go- off course. Your organization may decide to let go of some of the employees due to the ever-rising economy, inflation or low business. Your plans to build or buy the home of your dreams may not be realized etc.

If you are facing challenges in your marriage, relationship, personal life, or in your career, attending counseling sessions can give you a new perspective on how to handle life’s challenges and give you new insights on how to achieve your goals. You may feel insecure, hesitant and vulnerable about talking with a therapist and opening up about your problems. However our goal is not to judge you but to listen to you and help you overcome life’s challenges. Giving us a call can help put your mind at ease and help you discover how therapy can make your life better.

Give us a call if you need a listening ear and great advice on how to achieve your life’s goals and needs. We will help you deal with various life’s challenges, some of the things I address include:

  • Fidelity issues
  • Finances- how to manage your finances, tips and strategies
  • How to deal with your past
  • How to improve your sex life, satisfy your wife/ girlfriend
  • Tips/ strategies and advice on how to achieve your career goals
  • Addiction to pornography, how to break loose

Stress And FrustrationAs the saying goes, a problem shared is a problem solved, don’t let stress and life’s challenges take over your life. If your marriage is headed for the rocks call me now before it is too late. If you are currently single and want to learn how to succeed in your future endeavors, I have the tips, advice and strategies to help you go in that direction. Regardless of the challenges you are facing as a man in Broken Arrow & Tulsa, therapy can help you, call me today and let me help you.


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