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Mental & Spiritual Abuse Counseling and Recovery – Tulsa and Broken Arrow

It can be hard to maintain faith in God for someone who has had a warped interpretation of religion used as a control over them, used to degrade them or been otherwise abused by someone under the guise of religion. There is a term for the emotional trauma caused by these tragedies – Spiritual abuse. It carries as broad definition due to the number of ways people have been harmed. As Christian counselors that offer spiritual abuse counseling in the areas of Tulsa and Broken Arrow, we have seen this unthinkable betrayal affect people differently, and there is no single solution for helping them heal. Some people have held on to their spirituality, while others have not. What is important to understand is that there are resources available to you or any loved one who has undergone this unimaginable experience. 

Overcoming the pain caused by mental or physical abuse

spiritual abuse counseling mental abuse recovery tulsa broken arrowThere are people who grew up experiencing judgment in place of love and acceptance, leading them to believe they were worthless sinners, going to hell and that God was angry with them. This could be from their families, churches or others in their communities, resulting in a form of condemnation preventing them from understanding and embracing the power of God’s grace, forgiveness and love. The loss of ability to trust anyone can stem from cases of intense neglect or abuse, where people have felt abandoned in their time of need. While it may be a long process to learn to trust again, or open your heart to God’s true teachings, each day is a new day, and over time, working with a counselor can provide hope that you can achieve the best life possible. 

Restoring faith to those who have been betrayed

There are groups that will hide their warped principles under a banner of religion, using their power to abuse and degrade people who come to them looking to explore their faith. In other cases, members of the clergy have been identified as abusers, leaving a trail of victims confused, hurt and betrayed. There is no excuse for these horrible acts, and they are in no way a reflection of what God leads his followers to do. In reality, most religious organizations are based on helping the individuals in their congregation, and the communities they are in as a whole through outreach to the poor, the sick and the hurting. Whether these offenses are committed against children, or adults, there are professionals available with the skills and training to address the specific needs of anyone who needs to heal. 

As counselors dedicated to helping others emotionally and spiritually, we understand this unique opportunity God has granted us. If you or someone you care about has experienced the pain of spiritual abuse, please know that healing is possible. In the Tulsa or Broken Arrow areas, we offer our spiritual abuse counseling and recovery services. We are Christian counselors who want to provide an atmosphere that is both encouraging and accepting, and allows you to explore your faith, rebuild your trust and improve your life in a safe environment at a pace you are comfortable with. We want to work with you to overcome your pain and enjoy your life again.

Spiritual Abuse Recovery & Mental Counseling – Broken Arrow, Tulsa OK