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Using a Christian Counselor in the Tulsa or Broken Arrow area for Spiritual Direction

Help And Support SignpostWhere do you want your life to go is a common question people are asked in counseling? When you take that question one step further and become focused on exploring your relationship with the divine, it can put your life on a path you never expected. For those who are seeking to learn more about Christianity this can be an eye opening experience into God’s role in your life. Those who are looking to deepen their existing faith can do so through awareness and reflection, connecting with God in a much closer relationship. 

Whether you are addressing other personal issues in your life, or have questions about your faith that remain unanswered through traditional worship, working with a Christian Counselor in the Broken Arrow or Tulsa area might include spiritual direction as part of your sessions. 

What is Spiritual Direction? 

Spiritual Direction is not counseling as we know it, based off text books, theories and clinical research to help people address and solve their problems from a secular, scientific basis. Rooted in ancient Christianity, the tradition of spiritual direction is a form of religious mentorship. While some may associate this with monasteries and seminaries which provided it to members of religious orders and clergy for centuries, this practice now has a much broader scope and audience. As more Christians, and others looking to find faith, seek the help to explore their individual relationship with the Divine, the process has become much more mainstream. 

How can it play a role in your life? 

People seek traditional counseling to get a list of tangible changes to make in their life at a very tactical level, which is valuable, but can leave a void for something more. Spiritual direction provides the opportunity for you to examine the experiences in your daily life and then deeply reflect on them. This practice will allow you to identify God’s presence in your life, and the grace you receive through that presence. You might also feel that all this time, God has been patiently waiting for you to step forward for this closer relationship, and that God’s spirit is all around you. 

If you have been considering meeting with a Christian counselor for spiritual direction, consider the following outcomes that might be possible through this practice: 

-Learn ways you already integrate spirituality into your daily life, and additional ways to explore 
-Understand the needs of those less fortunate in this world and develop the empathy to help. 
-Identify, share and trust your own life experiences of God’s presence or intervention 
-Work on using divine inspiration to make good decisions for difficult choices 
-Share your struggles, hopes and losses to connect them with the greater plan 
-Use integrity to live the essence of your spiritual affiliation 
-Make the most of God’s calling in your life, even in areas you previously have not 

If you are ready to discuss spiritual direction in your life, contact me today so we can have a conversation to provide you with the information you need to see if you are ready for this important life step.