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Teen Counseling in Tulsa and Broken Arrow from a Christian perspective 

We ListenBy the time they reach their teen years, if might be hard to believe the sweet innocent baby you raised is the person standing in front of you. For any family, the goal of parents and teenagers should be to talk to each other in an accepting and open manner. It can seem easier to avoid conflict, but lack of action on problems can lead to resentment. 

When communication breaks own and resentment finds a place in the relationship, teens may begin to act out even further or participate in destructive behaviors. Christian counselors can work with everyone in the situation including the teen, their parents and any step parents or other relatives in the daily life of the teen. Improving communication is an important aspect of Christian counseling for teens allowing them to feel understood. Each family encounters different challenges, unique to their situation, but here are some common reasons family seek out Christian counseling for their teens in the Broken Arrow or Tulsa area: 

-Ignoring you and any requested actions you have for them 
-Displaying anger, aggressiveness and rebellion 
-Insinuating that they dislike you 
-Being overly dramatic in situations that do not deserve that level of behavior 
-Focusing to much on electric devices including phones, computers or gaming systems 
-Abusing alcohol, drugs or other substances 
-Acting sexually promiscuous 
-Struggling to achieve good grades or perform acceptably in school 
-Staying out past curfew including hanging out with the wrong crowd 
-Lacking interest in nearly anything 
-Coping with divorce and blended families 
-Any other urgent issues that are present to the teen or their parents 

There are some overall solutions that can be a result of the sessions, as well as individual results to some of the problems identifies including: 

-Identify constructive outlets for using the talents and skills of the teen 
-Better Communication that stems from increased listening
-Discuss acceptable boundaries that everyone is in agreement on 
-Learn the skills for managing many types of conflict
-Identify the level of required mutual respect for everyone in the situation 

Your teen may be just as unhappy and frustrated as you have become, and they are unable to express their desire to improve the situation. Providing Christian counseling for parents and teens can be rewarding when I see the improved communications and happiness restored to a household. Holding sessions in a safe environment fosters respect for all parties. Getting started is often managed through an initial session with the teen and at least one parent to openly explore the issues together and create a plan for what everyone hopes to resolve. It can be useful at that point to start with counseling directed to the teen, including follow up sessions to establish trust which is helpful for the counseling process. Throughout the experience there will be engagement from all parties to keep the momentum moving forward towards the desired outcome. 

For more information about Christian counseling for teens in the Broken Arrow or Tulsa area for your teen, schedule an appointment now at your convenience, or contact me for further discussion.