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Counseling for Women : Broken Arrow & Tulsa 

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Christian Counseling for Women in Tulsa & Broken Arrow

According to studies, talk therapy sessions can help patients lead happier lives, develop better coping skills and have better and more fulfilling relationships, particularly for women. Separate studies show that the likelihood of women suffering from depression is twice more than men and three times more after a stressful event. Women have to deal with various biological factors that increases their vulnerability to stress and anxiety than men. As such women need a professional who will keenly understand and advice them on how to handle the various life changes. From being moms, wives, career women, and other roles in the society, finding a good talk therapy can work like a miracle, especially since women like expressing their feelings by talking.

For instance women undergo trough hormonal changes that affect how they behave, act and their ability to deal with stress. These factors often trigger various mood disorder symptoms including sex addiction, drug abuse, alcohol and drug abuse, eating disorders and binge shopping. Our all Christian team of therapists are here to offer women counseling in Broken Arrow & Tulsa area, in Oklahoma and assist you overcome life’s challenges as a woman. Our counselors will listen to you without any judgment whatsoever, talk to you and advice you to provide you with better coping skills. 

We have the passion, dedication, skills and experience to help you discover meaning in and purpose both in your professional and personal life. Whether you want to decide if you want a family or not, have difficulties going through infertility issues, etc, we are here for you. It’s believed that it’s hard to understand women; very few people would disagree with this statement. This is what makes us so fascinating. Click or call us today (918) 289-2033, our professional therapists are on stand- by to help you with

1. Life transitions

Our experts will help you adjust better to various life changes including 

· College life

· Marriage/ separation/ divorce/ losing a partner

· Empty Nest Syndrome

· Career/ wok

· Dealing with Retirement

· How to deal with loss and grief


2. Life’s difficulties

· Mood disorders, anxiety, depression

· How to deal with Perimenapause, menopause, and hormonal changes

· How to deal with breast cancer, and the diagnosis of other serious illnesses

· Dealing with negative body image, weight issues, and eating disorders

· How to deal , recover from drug and substance abuse


3. life’s tools( to help you deal better with life)

· How to enhance your relationship

· Tips and strategies to build your confidence and body image

· Better stress management skills

· How to improve your sex life for enhanced sexual desire and fulfillment


4. Parenting and family issues and tips

· How to deal with abortion, should you abort

· Dealing with infertility and advice on treatment options

· Advice and tips for new moms

· How to deal with postpartum depression

· Parenting tips and strategies in today’s society- How to be a good parent to your kids

You don’t have to go through life’s challenges alone, let our skilled  women therapists in Broken Arrow & Tulsa help you. Whether you are gong through divorce, has recently got married or have just had your first child, our therapists are skilled and experienced to help you, every step of the way. Call us today (918) 289-2033, our dedicated and passionate team of therapists is waiting.

Therapists for Women Counseling in Broken Arrow – Tulsa OK

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