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Why Christian Counseling?

Why Christian Counseling?

Christian counseling involves combining modern counseling methods with Christian teachings with the aim of helping a person going through life challenges overcome their challenges. As Christians and counselors, we are able to provide our patients a unique style of counseling in Broken Arrow & Tulsa. You may be wondering why as a believer, you need the services of a fellow Christ believer. Simply the main benefit of seeing a Christian counselor is that you are able to get counseling from someone with the same faith as yourself

Why Christian Counseling?If you look up to Christ as your only source of true hope and strength, and has made Jesus the leader of your life, a counselor with the same outlook, beliefs and Christian values can help you overcome any life challenges by combining his/ her counseling skills with Christian teachings. During the counseling sessions, the counselor will look at different methods of counseling and help you get a renewed strength, hope and healing in Jesus Christ

We believe that for a believer, the path to recovery involves finding out the great person that God wants you to be. We make use of different tools that include Your Unique Design, a popular and extremely valuable tool to help patients not only discover the great gifts that God has endowed them but also realize their shortcomings as well. By knowing your strengths and weaknesses, you are able to discover what you are good at, areas you need to be cautious and the situations you need to avoid

All our counseling focuses on the Christian Belief that all our patients should be provided with a customized, individual approach to counseling, we provide our patients with this unique attention type of counseling. During the counseling sessions our patients are able to find a true path to recovery and a distinctive strategy that is specific to their situation, not just theories revolving around diagnosis

For a great Christian counselor who shares your Christian belief in Jesus Christ, somebody who will be there to help you through personalized counseling in your true path to recovery, give us a call today. We provide our counseling sessions to people of all faith, not Christians alone. Many of our patients say that they were able to connect with our Christian counselor better than they ever did with conventional counselors. Our goal is to help you overcome any difficulties you may be facing regardless of your religious affiliation.

If you are looking for a caring, experienced and skilled counselor, call us now. Regardless of your religious beliefs and affiliations, our counselors are here for you, they have the desire and experience to help you overcome your life challenges.